Here is where you need to know your own body. Some people hugely benefit from training ‘empty’, this can ignite the metabolism and support fat burning. Others may feel faint and dizzy if not fuelled up before training.

So work out which type you are and plan your snacks to suit you.

Protein shakes can be used to fuel up before training (at least 45 minutes before) or to refuel/recover after training, if your next main meal is going to be more than 90 minutes away, or as a snack at any time. Here is a simple guide to creating a well balanced protein shake.

A guaranteed method of creating a perfectly balanced shake every time: select one item from each of the 4 categories and whizz!

Pick a base – approx 200ml

almond milk, oat milk, coconut milk, water iced green tea

Pick a fruit

2tbsp frozen berries, 1 pear, 1 peeled and chopped orange, 1 nectarine/apple/peach

Pick a protein / healthy fruit

30g cashews/almonds, 1 tbsp nut butter, 1 tbsp of your fave protein powder

Pick a veggie

1/2 avocado, handful spinach/kale, 2 inches cucumber, handful lettuce/rocket